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Health Canada’s proposed changes to the Canada Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide is currently under review by Health Canada, with the goal of having a revised Guide by 2018. In the spirit of full transparency, consultation is open to concerned citizens (the public), as well as health professionals and food industry members. Industry groups like National Cattle Feeders’ Association, Canada Beef, and CCA are working on submissions and additional support.

Beef Industry’s concerns with the proposed changes:

  • Recommendation to lower consumption of red and processed meats, with a preference for plant-based protein choices
  • A ‘protein food category’ is being recommended, rather than the Meat & Alternates and Dairy food groups. This implies all protein sources are created equal and have comparable amounts of readily-digested protein, which is incorrect.
  • There is a recommendation to replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes. For those concerned that red meat (beef) is a primary source of saturated fat, this information could be seen as a recommendation to reduce red meat consumption. *Link to Letters directly below here for more information.
  • There is the recommendation around sustainable diets – encouraging the public to eat sustainably by choosing food produced by systems that have lower environmental impacts. Given the lack of information and misinformation circulating about beef’s impact on the environment, this may drive people to choose another protein source they perceive as more sustainable.

4 ways proposed changes to the Canada Food Guide could be bad for our health

The Guide continues to recommend reducing consumption of saturated fats, despite “essentially overwhelming evidence now that saturated fat is not harmful in the diet and does not cause heart disease, but rather that the low fat dietary pattern has very likely caused harm”.

Open Letter to Health Canada from 700+ Physicians

Rebuttal Letter to Health Canada

Industries concerned about Health Canada’s changes to the food guide

Canada’s next food guide opens up industry battle over beef and butter

ACFA’s 2017 Rotary Volunteer Team

Every year, ACFA staff and friends volunteer printing Rotary Dream Home tickets in the Super Booth at the Stampede. This year was no exception and we’d like to thank our team for stepping up and making a difference in support of the Rotary Club of Calgary South’s Stampede Dream Home.

The Club’s major fundraising initiative takes place each July during the world famous Calgary Stampede. Its members, partners, families, and friends help to sell tickets to the Rotary Dream Home. This project is a ton of fun and raises a lot of money for the various projects it supports.

The Rotary Club of Calgary South is an organization of 150 business and community leaders who work hard to ensure Calgary remains one of the greatest and most vibrant cities in the world. Rotarians donate their time, money, and expertise to deserving groups and individuals in Calgary and around the globe.

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The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association commissioned a 2017 research review to better understand the market forces driving demand for beef and other proteins. Digital marketing agency Communicatto was engaged to gather and summarize existing research.


Farm Safety 101

The importance of conducting a “Circle of Safety”

Safety First. Always.

Agriculture is the third most hazardous industry in Canada based on the number of fatalities, most of which are machine-related. However, these injuries are preventable. Safety on farms is just as important as anywhere else and a few simple measures can go a long way to establish a safe environment.

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