Thank you for your interest in the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA).

ACFA has entered an era where we now represent an industry faced with a broad range of issues that include market access, market development, environmental (manure management), water quality, air quality, and taxation.

These issues have hit us in rapid succession and the complexity and weight of their importance is putting producers, the industry, and industry associations under tremendous pressure. We have a large responsibility in representing the cattle feeding industry and we take it very seriously. Please note ACFA is a volunteer organization and does not operate from a check-off system; all programs and activities are funded by our membership service activities and from membership fees themselves.

Your membership is vital not only to the effectiveness, but also to the existence of ACFA.

In order to meet the needs of the province’s feeding industry, ACFA collects fees from cattle feeders to provide a number of specific services:

  • Implement research programs designed to improve competitiveness
  • Enhance cattle feeders’ influence on policy decisions
  • Identify and develop new technology and management practices to enhance the industry
  • Work with partners to develop new markets and economic opportunities for beef products
  • Communicate and consult with producers on key industry issues and trends
  • Provide additional services such as the group power purchase agreements

If you support our activities, please fill out the membership form below and mail it back with the appropriate membership cheque. We welcome your participation and interest in making our industry even stronger.

For more information on this past year’s activities at the ACFA please see our 2017 ACFA Annual Report.

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