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Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change — Producer Grant Program

Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) has been asked to facilitate this is a new initiative, funded and requested by the Government of Alberta.

The Livestock Welfare Engagement Project is an initiative where Alberta Farm Animal Care is collaborating with Alberta’s livestock sector to evaluate our industry’s experiences, perceptions, and priorities related to animal welfare. A report of our findings will be shared with the provincial government to support a deeper understanding of livestock welfare opportunities, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses in the province. Your feedback to this survey is a vital part of building that report and will be followed by regional focus groups.

Click here for details on the project.

What Beef Producers Need to Know about Environmental Footprint

All new videos from the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association!

The SCFA is pleased to bring you seven short YouTube videos about nutrition, feeding, gathering data, animal handling, and animal health.

Animal Health and Handling: Managing Stress

Low Stress Animal Handling

Gathering Data and Using it At the Feedlot

Feed Processing Part 1: Dry Rolled Grain

Feed Processing Part 2: Tempered Grain

Feed Processing Part 3: Under Processing

Feed Mixing: Getting the Most from Your Equipment

BCRC Video

Measured changes in the quality of Canadian beef: NBQA video

The objectives of this video are to:

  • create greater awareness and appreciation for the National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) results,
  • recognize improvements in carcass quality the industry has made over the years,
  • educate producers about the prevalence and costs of ongoing carcass defects, and
  • motivate producers to continually implement strategies that prevent defects.
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