Careers in Alberta’s growing beef industry

Short Feedlot Job

Detailed and modifiable job descriptions, a job ad, and a job snapshot are available to ACFA Members and can be found on the ACFA intranet.

ACFA General Cattle Worker
ACFA Pen Rider / Pen Checker
ACFA Front End Worker
ACFA Equipment Maintenance Worker
ACFA Feed Truck Operator
ACFA Feedlot Manager
ACFA Feedlot Supervisor

Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan

The Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan is a reliable national strategy for the agriculture and agri-food industry; a roadmap forward to address the sector’s critical labour shortages. These industries need workers to remain globally competitive, take advantage of export opportunities provided by the federal government’s free trade agenda, and ensure the security, safety, and sustainability of food for all Canadians.

Workforce Action Plan Summary

Agriculture Worker Shortage

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