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Statement on Canada-U.S. Border Disruption

February 3, 2022 Calgary, AB – With the prolonged disruptions at the Canada-U.S. border crossing, Canada’s beef industry has serious concerns with supply chain challenges, including the lack of access to feed coming from the U.S. and impacts on cross border movement of cattle and meat products. Alberta Beef Producers (ABP), Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA), and […]

Cattle Feeders Face Shortages Due to Drought and Transport Issues

  WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Canadian farmers say they are just days away from running out of feed for cattle, due to severe drought last summer damaging crops needed to fatten them over winter and transportation bottlenecks. The drought devastated Prairie pastures and has now forced feedlots in Alberta, the main cattle-producing province, to buy […]

Feed corn shipments take sharp jump

Janice Tranberg, president of the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, called the amounts of corn imports into Canada “unprecedented.” “The feeders are looking to bring dried distillers grains and corn from the U.S. up as much as they can,” she said. One of the biggest challenges is moving so much corn, she added. “This isn’t a […]

Alberta cattle producers facing a feed crisis

Some Alberta cattle producers say a feed shortage has reached a crisis situation on the Prairies. The Alberta Cattle Feeders Association says several large feedlots, housing anywhere from 20-thousand to 40-thousand head of cattle, have indicated they could run out of food within days. The industry says the effects of last season’s drought have been […]

Canadian cattle producers desperate as feed shortage reaches crisis levels

“In 30 years of business, I’ve never experienced where we don’t know what we’re going to feed the cattle Monday morning.” says ACFa member Leighton Kolk. An unprecedented situation is unfolding right now in Canadian cattle country, where industry groups say a widespread feed shortage has escalated into a crisis situation. Full story here ACFA […]

Farm groups react to impending mandatory vaccine mandates for truck drivers

“With a large cross-border trade of incoming feeder cattle, and export of fed cattle, this will have an significant impact on our industry as a large number of drivers have not been vaccinated,” says Janice Tranberg, executive director of the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association. The cattle industry is not the only sector that is concerned […]