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ACFA MidYear Update

September 29, 2021/by Megan Madden

Alberta Feedlot Hosts Vaccine Clinic for Employees and Community

June 18, 2021/by Megan Madden

Alberta’s ‘Shipwheel Cattle Feeders’ Recognized For Innovation and Sustainability Efforts

June 7, 2021/by Megan Madden

Korova Feeders Adding Innovative Sustainability Technology

May 14, 2021/by Megan Madden

Alberta producers welcome the consensus on AgriStability proposal, long-term BRM solutions remain needed

March 26, 2021/by Megan Madden

Alberta producer organizations encourage the Government of Alberta to accept the current AgriStability proposal

March 18, 2021/by Megan Madden

Cattle Feeders’ Donate To Food Bank in Lieu of Government Events

February 9, 2021/by Megan Madden

2020 Annual Report

February 3, 2021/by Megan Madden

An Inside Look at How NCFA Works For You in Ottawa (Even In a Pandemic)

January 18, 2021/by Megan Madden

Cattle Feeders Launch Strategic Action Plan to Benefit Members

December 18, 2020/by Megan Madden

December 2, 2020/by Megan Madden

A note from Alberta Health Services to Alberta’s cattle feeders

November 30, 2020/by Megan Madden

Cattle Feeders’ Represent Agriculture on Economic Recovery Council

November 19, 2020/by Megan Madden

2021 Budget Submission

November 9, 2020/by Megan Madden

Cattle Feeders Urged to Utilize Remaining Set-Aside Funds

October 28, 2020/by Megan Madden

Dust Suppression – Our Social License to Operate May Be At Risk

October 16, 2020/by Megan Madden

ACFA contributes to stakeholder letter to Premier about the implementation of MELT for farms

October 6, 2020/by Megan Madden

Transport Regulation Update

October 5, 2020/by Megan Madden
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