The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association (ACFA) was established in 1973 as the voice of the cattle feeding industry in Alberta. We address feedlot, market, trade and competitive issues and provide a forum for policy development. Through an open and transparent process, the ACFA welcomes the bridging of partnerships to move the industry forward.  We understand cattle feeding in Alberta has both a future and a past, and resolve to continue to forge a secure business environment for the cattle feeding industry.

To make certain cattle feeders operate in the best possible business environment, the ACFA works with all levels of industry and government to ensure the cattle feeding industry in Alberta remains competitive and vibrant. We are the advocate of the cattle feeding industry, working towards harmonized regulation, enabling policy and trade access. In all things, the ACFA follows the lead of the voluntary membership that is represented by an elected board. These committed individuals represent the majority of cattle feeding in the province and in the nation. As innovative visionaries, they are capable of leading the cattle feeding industry in Alberta and in influencing legislative and regulatory reform.


Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association, creating the opportunity for the world to enjoy high quality Canadian beef.


To aggressively pursue innovative and collaborative solutions for a thriving Alberta beef industry on behalf of Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association members.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Working with partners to access and develop markets that maximize value for our members
  • Enhancing competitiveness by reducing regulatory burdens
  • Identifying and advocating for research priorities that support our vision and mission
  • Building our membership by delivering value

These four pillars support our social licence to operate:

  1. Animal Care
  2. Animal Health and Production
  3. Environment
  4. People and Communities
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