2021 Budget Submission

Alberta Cattle Feeders Association (ACFA) has been offered the opportunity to provide input into the Government of Alberta’s 2021 Budget, which will be released in February 2021. We submitted the following recommendations, based on how agriculture is a vital component to building economy.


Recommendation 1

Pursue meaningful improvements to Agri-Stability by removing the $3 million cap on payments or increasing it to at least $20 million, eliminating ‘reference margin limiting’ and increasing the payout from 70% to 85%.


Recommendation 2

Take a proactive and comprehensive approach to labour challenges in Alberta’s agriculture sector to ensure the fed cattle industry, and all of agriculture, has timely access to the necessary skilled labour needed to build the rural economy.


Recommendation 3

Establish a dedicated line item in the budget for investments in rural infrastructure, particularly high-speed internet, rural roads and bridges.


Recommendation 4 

Ensure the success of rural Alberta and confined feedlot operations by modernizing the provincial property tax assessment and overall taxation system of farmland to reduce the implementation of unfair municipal taxes; and ensure that AOPA serves as the final word on permitting of confined feeding operations.

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